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Character Name: Aislyn‭ ‬Stiubhard Mackeamish (pronounced Ashlinn Stewart Muhkayms)

Nick Names: Her sister calls her Lynnie.

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: June 5

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Jaryn Mackeamish - wedded only a year ago and still very much in the honeymoon stage.

Hair: Aislyn has blonde hair that is generally straight as a rule, though there is a slight wave to it when the air is particularly humid. It is long and reaches the middle of her back when left down.

Eyes: Green and...normal?

Origin: Ailsyn was born in Altaine, the capital of Siness (think Scotland). When she was three years old her father was killed and she was taken to live with her uncle and his wife in Oceana, a small kingdom in the Cornwall regency.

Language: Aislyn speaks English, but is also fluent in Gaelic and Elvish. While Gaelic is a dying language, her parents raised her to speak the language as well as English in hopes to help keep it alive. She speaks Elvish because the one time regent of Altaine and one of her closest friends, Tasarin, is an elf and taught her. Also, unicorns only respond to elvish so she knew she needed to learn it.

Height: She is five feet, three inches tall.

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: She weighs 112lbs normally, but being eight months pregnant at the start of the book, she's at least thirty pounds heavier than that. Pregnancy aside, Aislyn is well toned and physically fit, more-so than most royalty would be. While she's been with-child she's gotten softer in tone. Jaryn would never tell her, but he likes her better this way. Softer, not barefoot and pregnant.

Race/Species: In appearance, Aislyn is just a human young woman. In reality, she is the Elemental Dragon of Earth, meaning she has a special connection and kinship with all organic matter. She can transform into a dragon at will, growing nearly twenty feet over her usual height. Her body reaches almost 100 feet in length from snout to tail tip. She is gold in color and has a wing span of thirty-five feet.

Parents/Elders/Guardians: Aislyn knew her mother, Siobhán, for only two years and has no real memory of her. She lost her father, Nir, a year later, and therefore grew up with an uncle and his wife as her adopted parents. Wessely and Emiline raised both Aislyn and her sister as though they were their own daughters. There was never a want or need that went unfulfilled, nor a moment they could feel unloved or abandoned. Though Wessely was not completely honest with the girls about their heritage, he never hid from them the fact that they had once belonged to his brother.

Siblings: Kenayde is Aislyn's sister, younger by two years. They are very close, but Aislyn often finds herself falling into a mothering role. In the past it has been an issue of argument between the sisters. Now they are more as equals.

Friends/Allies: Being the High Queen of Siness, Aislyn has close friends as members of her secret council. Cailin of Iyr has been a friend since early childhood. Tasarin, previously mentioned. Luella of Cornwall. Nuala of Breton. Cavalon of the Sandlands. Elas of Iyr.

Enemies: Everyone ruler has enemies. In this book, her enemy is inconspicuous than previously seen. This enemy blends right in with her friends, and may even be one of them.

Beliefs/Religion: Aislyn is a devout follower of the Giver. She prays regularly and takes time to read the scriptures. She believes, as an Elemental and a descendant of the original twelve disciples chosen to follow the Deliverer, that it is her duty to bring the Giver's word to the people who do not know Him.

Career/Past Careers: High Queen of Siness. Meaning, all the other lesser kingdoms on the entire island ultimately answer to her.

Dreams/Life Goals: Aislyn has a deep desire to be a mother, a desire that will soon be fulfilled with the birth of her first child. She also wants to spread the message of the Giver's love, and to see an age of peace for her children, and her children's children. She wants to leave a legacy as a ruler, to set a standard that all who proceed her would strive to live up to and surpass.

Hobbies: If there is ever a spare moment, Aislyn can be found in the library or her study. She is a voracious reader, and shies away from the normal duties of the women of the household. She likes sharp, point things and prides herself on her combat skills. Recently she's taken to writing in a journal, writing to the child she is carrying and sharing her days within the journal.

Likes: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on She likes music. Warm bread with honey. Coffee, Heavy blankets on cold nights. Inside jokes. Writing letters. Time alone. Animals. The sounds of the world waking up in the morning.

Loves: Puzzles. Anything that is a challenger and needs to be sorted out, Aislyn's your girl. She loves to debate. Riding through the countryside. Flying. Presents. Time with loved ones. Helping people. Traveling, though there is not often chance to do so until she finds a trust-worthy Regent. Court gowns. The smell of leather.

Dislikes: Snide remarks that appear to be in jest but are truly meant to cut. Inconsiderate people. Selfish people. The color orange. When duty must come before friendship. Manipulative people. Liver.

Loathes: Dragon hunters - people who kill the beasts for sport and for no other reason. Intolerance. Disloyalty. Gossips. Poachers and sport breeders. Liars. Being denied knowledge. Conflict.

Fears: If she really took the time to think about it, Aislyn is afraid of her immortality. It's not so much watching people she loves grow old and die, but the fact that she has the potential to outlive her grandchildren and any future generation if she can avoid being killed. She cannot even fathom a future without her husband and the very prospect of it frightens her enough to possibly make foolish choices.

Strengths: Aislyn is very skilled with a sword. She started learning how to fight at a very young age. Her training intensified when she was fourteen, when she begged her father to let her train with his knights. She is very head-strong and stubborn, which can be both a strength and a weakness. She has always been very patient with others (for the most part) and a good teacher. Show her how to do something once and she's pretty much got it down.

Weakness: Teach her how to do something without letting her physically go through the steps and she'll never retain the knowledge. She is terrible at archery, and in fact almost killed a page boy when she was younger when poor aim and impatience sent her arrow flying madly away from her bow. She likes to think she's right. All the time. She also has quite the temper. In fact, a popular saying among her people is, "High Queen Aislyn is renowned for her grace and beauty, but even more widely known for her temper."

Good Qualities: Fiercely loyal, sometimes to a fault. Once her trust has been earned, it will be hard to break. She has a high tolerance for people who don't understand something and enjoys helping them have a better grasp on the subject. She is fair and more often kind than not. She loves as though her love could save people from the pains and struggles that come from living every day.

Bad Habits: She paces when she's thinking or having a serious discussion in private. The woman can not sit still, and when she is holding audience, can often be found picking at her nails because she can't get up and walk. When she thinks she's right she will argue her view to the point of exhaustion, or until she had made the other person convert to her thinking.

Turn Ons: Crooked smiles and unshaven faces. Aislyn finds her husband physically attractive, but mentally as well. She loves how gentle he is, and how fun-loving. When he can talk her down from a rage or tell a stupid joke to break the tension. The kilt really doesn't hurt his cause, either.

Turn Offs: Lewdness. Farting. Poor hygiene. Bad manners. Someone who shirks responsibility. Haughtiness.

Normal Talents: She has exceptional sword skills.

Supernatural Powers & Abilities: She can speak through telepathy to other Gales. She can produce a fyre of blue and gold at her whim, and even transport herself through it. In her dragon form, Aislyn has the ability to take on the appearance of anything organic. For example, she could settle into a mountainside and appear as a lump of rocks. Were she to lie down in a valley, she could appear as a grassy hillside. This section will actually be growing as she comes into more knowledge of who she is, but for now, this is all she knows she can do.

Temperament: Aislyn is most definitely an extrovert. She knows how to laugh and have fun, but can recognize when a situation requires her to be more serious. Again, stubborn and hard-headed. She doesn't get angry easily, but once she's there, look out. And pray she doesn't have a sword nearby.

Background: Aislyn was born to two loving parents, people of whom she has almost no memory. She was an only child for two years, then Kenayde was born. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving her father to raise two little girls by himself. For a time it was peaceful, but peace never lasts when it ought.

At just three years only, Aislyn was made an orphan to a war that had claimed the life of her father and the lives of many in her part of the world. Not understanding what was going on, she and her sister were shipped off to Corwall to live with her uncle Wessely and his wife Emiline. There they were raised and taken care of, both girls growing up calling their new caretakers Mama and Papa. For a long while, Aislyn was content to be the doted-upon princess, but there was always a certain nagging at the back of her mind. She knew she was truly of Siness, a fact her adopted parents never kept from her, and loyalty made her believe it was where she needed to be.

Kign Tadhg, High King in Corwall, was a man who bred war where he went. it was his war that had killed Aislyn's father, and his war that was still being fought so many years later. Siness was in a state of fear with no real leader, and bending to Tadhg's whim. it was a report of this that sent Aislyn into action. She decided she needed to be more than a princess, but to begin training to be a warrior queen. it was not in her to sit idly by and watch her homeland destroyed. Thus gave birth to her plan of getting rid of Tadhg entirely, and ridding the world of his tyranny.

When she was sixteen, she, Kenayde, and a family friend named Briac decided to act upon a long thought out plan. Tadhg was killed, and so was Briac as he tried to protect the girls while they ran. Getting home led to their meeting Luella' the princess of Cornwall but not Tadhg's by birth, as well as Elas, a water dragon.

Getting home with her new friends, a decision was quickly made to bring war to the new crowned king in Cornwall, Laidley. People from all seven of the Celtique Nations came and agreed to help. Except they did not act fast enough, and Laidley sent word that war was being brought to them.

She and Jaryn married, not wanting to go into battle without knowing they were wed, and became High King and Queen in Siness. The war was brought to them, and they eventually won. The battle was not without casualties, and Aislyn still is effected by some of those deaths to this day. Among the lost was her opposite Elemental kindred, and her mother Emiline.

In the year that has passed, she has been with Jaryn trying to keep up morale and help the shire of Altaine rebuild. As the story begins, she is eight months pregnant.


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